What grooming tools do you need for dog grooming?

What grooming tools do you need for dog grooming?


There are seven commonly used tools for beauty: comb, scissors, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, toenail knife and towel. The following is an introduction to their functions.

1. Comb

Dogs have different lengths of hair due to different breeds, so you should choose a comb according to what your dog is like, so as to prevent damage to the skin and hair. It has nothing to do with the length or strength of wool. The common feature of all varieties is that they need healthy management. The management of integrity is to fully comb the hair in the family. After selecting a proper comb, it is better to comb the hair for about 15 minutes every day to prevent hair loss. Long hair species can prevent skin diseases only by combing every day. Combing is also the same as other people. You can get used to it when you are young, and then you can be nice to your master.


2. Scissors

It is not easy to cut hair for beauty at home. But for the health of dogs, it is better to cut the hair under their feet or around their buttocks. When shearing, scissors and blood knife are usually used. If the underfoot hair is too long, you can't walk well in the rowing room. If you do this for a long time, you will have problems with surgery and plastic surgery. If you don't dry well after taking a bath, you will also cause skin diseases. In case of long hair, the buttocks will be fluffy. Because there is something wrong with defecation, and the buttocks are inflamed, you should pay special attention to this. Scissors are used to cut the hair in the opposite direction to the skin level. When using the blood knife, the dog should not be frightened by the sound of the knife, and the knife should not touch the skin. It is convenient to comb the hair first and then use the blood knife if the hair is messy.

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3. Shampoo

It is also important to choose shampoo in order to maintain the dog's breed. The first purpose of using shampoo is to remove the dirt of dog hair and improve the metabolism of skin and the development of fur. Recently, there are many special products of dog hair status or color, so you should choose the one that is suitable for your dog breed.

4. Hair conditioner

It can protect and moisturize the hair after washing. It is best to choose products like shampoo.

5. Hair dryer

The temperature of the wind should not be too hot.

6. Toenail knife

Choose the appropriate toenail knife according to the size of the dog.

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7. Towels

After taking a bath, the dog takes off the water behind him once, and then uses the dog's towel to wipe it.

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